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Client Service Model

Our client service model will always be what provides value to our clients and what keeps us as Best-In-Class within our industry! We have always believed that providing exceptional client service is the only way to maintain great relationships!

With existing clients, we meet at least quarterly to review and adjust the comprehensive action plan that was defined at the onset of the relationship. It’s important that we do this quarterly since various factors such as: health, shifting income needs, family dynamic, and the economic environment can necessitate small changes in order to achieve and maintain a client’s desired goals.

With new clients, we go through a “honey-moon” phase where, in addition to defining how we will work together, we perform all the quarterly meetings within a few months. This helps us strengthen the relationship, get to know our client better, and set the defined plan on a path to success!

Our Quarterly Review meetings focus on the following 4 areas: :

Income And Expense Review:

Most of our clients have a good idea of what they spend and how their income is secured.

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However, having an annual conversation about income needs and areas of expenditure is a basic way to ensure a client remains on the right financial track.

With those still working, we have a conversation annually to forecast how retirement will look from an income and expense perspective. We have software that can help us forecast future assets and income. This helps us see if our clients are on the right track to attain their retirement goals and allows us to have a guided conversation when adjustments need to be made.

With those already retired, it’s important that we review income and expenses annually because we run into situations where a spouse who was primarily responsible for this information passes. The surviving spouse can oftentimes be left with unnecessary anxiety. As well, if a client experiences the onset of dementia, the ability to monitor these areas fails and we are there to assist the family in maintaining a proper balance.

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Legacy Document Review / Wealth Transfer Plan:

In this review meeting, we simply wish to make sure that how a

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client wishes to pass on assets not spent in retirement is properly reflected in the client’s legacy documents.

This is an area where we see some of the greatest lack of planning among people we meet – nearly half will have some kind of discrepancy between what they wish to happen and what will actually happen. How a client wishes to transfer assets and to who may also change dramatically over time. Every family has familiarity with the drama that can occur without proper planning in this area. A consistent legacy review ensures wishes are fulfilled. We can coordinate with your estate planners, as well as have relationships with numerous local attorneys in all geographic locations.

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Contract Review:

At least once a year we like to review the “big picture” with clients. This consists of a review of all financial

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products, contracts, and statements. Over time, a client can forget the particulars of a product, direction, or strategy. Additionally, the relevance behind a particular asset may shift as one progresses through life, or if we have shifts in the economic and interest rate environments. This meeting provides a formal refresher course on their asset positions and allows a conversation to be had regarding any shifts in personal goals.

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Comprehensive Risk Analysis:

In this meeting, we use our risk forecasting software to review, address, and provide solutions to a

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vast range of clients for all areas of insurance and financial related risks.
Where someone has vulnerability can vary greatly depending on what stage of life they’re currently in. We understand that this will shift over time and use this meeting to stay ahead and allow our clients to mitigate the most relevant risks, all while working within the budget that makes sense for them.

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